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We will be updating a leaderboard of chapters for the following two categories every hour on Pi Phi Giving Day.


—> Top Chapters by Number (#) of Gifts from BOTH Collegians and Alumnae
—> Top Chapters by Total Dollars ($) from BOTH Collegians and Alumnae

Challenge your pledge class via email, share this page on social media and encourage your sisters to get involved. Every gift counts!

Last update as of 1 p.m. Monday, May 1 CST:


Top Chapters by Number (#) of Gifts from Collegians and Alumnae

  1. MI Alpha, 59
  2. OK Beta, 49
  3. MS Alpha, 28
  4. OK Alpha, 25
  5. MO Alpha, 24
  6. IL Zeta, 23
  7. TX Alpha, 23
  8. IA Gamma, 21
  9. OR Alpha, 19
  10. IN Delta, 19

Top Chapters by Total Dollars ($) from Collegians and Alumnae:

  1. OR Alpha, $4,900.37
  2. SC Beta, $4,276.07
  3. IL Alpha, $3,360.10
  4. AZ Alpha, $3,189.83
  5. WA Gamma, $3,030.05
  6. OK Beta, $2,950.99
  7. OK Alpha, $2,893.93
  8. IL Zeta, $2,083.82
  9. MI Alpha, $2,078.17
  10. MI Beta, $2,060.15

Giving and Social Media Challenges

On Pi Phi Giving Day, we will be awarding prizes from Pi Phi Express for both giving and social media participation! Take a look below to preview our challenges.


Giving Challenges

Challenge Prize Winner
Early Bird! Donor to make a gift before 6 a.m. CST on April 28 Mug Gift Set Su Crawford, ND Alpha
12th donor to make a gift after 9 a.m. CST on April 28 Baseball Hat and Socks Gift Set Danielle Marie Janowski, MI Beta
12th donor to make a gift after 2 p.m. CST on April 28  Stationary Gift Set Julie Allison LeBlanc, WV Alpha
12th donor to make a gift after 9 p.m. CST on April 28 Picture Frame Caroline Barrett Daly, NC Delta
Night Owl! Donor to make a gift between 11 p.m. and Midnight on April 28 Nylon Tote Amara Fanucci Bell, OR Gamma
150th gift in honor of Pi Beta Phi’s anniversary 150th Anniversary Gift Set Kathryn Spruill Roman, LA Alpha
750th gift – Halfway to Goal! Speed Thee My Arrow Jewelry Gift Set Audrey Sullivan Jacob, MI Beta
 1,500 donor – Goal reached! Phone call from Grand President Paula Shepherd!  TBD!



Social Media Challenges (Please be sure your post is set to public)

Challenge Prizes Winner
Post a Pi Phi Photo by 12 p.m. CST! 1. Post a selfie of you and/or your sisters with the hashtag #PiPhiGivingDay or 2. Post a photo of your pets and kids in Pi Phi gear with the hashtag #PiPhiGivingDay.  Pi Beta Phi Letters Gift Set Amy Lorenzen Southerland, SD Alpha
Post a video by 8 p.m. CST! 1. Grab your smartphone and post a short video of why you love Pi Beta Phi, using the hashtag #PiPhiGivingDay or 2. Grab your smartphone and post a short video of you singing 10 seconds of your favorite Pi Phi song using the hashtag #PiPhiGivingDay Blush Crystal Bezel Watch Kyra Flatow, MT Alpha